Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prepping our Veggie Garden

So today was a day with no kids here, my wonderful mom took them for day, so Seth and I decided to get lots done around the house, namely our veggie garden!  In just a few weeks we will finally be able to plant.  Last year was our first year doing a garden and it was 8 by 8, in the fall we expanded it to 8 by 24.  Today we had to get soil in the 2 new sections we added.

We started our day by going to Home Depot, and take a look at our very loaded down Envoy.  Not everything was for the garden, but most of it was.

Last fall after growing season was done we pulled out all the plants that were in there, then put in mulched leaves and covered it with black plastic for the winter. So this is what we started with this morning.

uncovered for the first time in almost 7 months

1st of two square yards of top soil that Seth went and got with our truck, it was loaded down!

Spreading all the dirt, humus and peat moss

All done!  We covered it back up with the black plastic till we are ready to plant, to keep weeds and grass from growing in it.  We will have to work it up a bit again when we plant because it will settle a little before we plant.

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