Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Im back...

So I am back now, I can't believe its been so long since I posted on here last.  Alot has changed, I took a full time job, my daughter started pre-school, my son started daycare full time.  I decided that full time work was just to much time away from my kids and there were some other issues that I am not going to get into here.  So now I am unemployed for the first time in 7 years, kinda scary but we'll be ok for a bit, but I do want to find another part time job because that worked well for our family for a long time.  Gave me time with the kids and time outside of the house with adult interaction! So cross your fingers for me that I find something soon!

Till I find something else I have decided to make myself an Unemployed To-Do List! Since Addison will still be in Pre-K and Ryan will be in daycare still 2 days a week I will have some time on my hands and I do not want to waste it!  (I don't want him to loose his spot in daycare completely, so I can start a job as soon as I find one and I think the interaction with other kids his age is good for him).

Here is my list and I will be adding to it as things come to mind!-

1.  FIND A JOB!!!  Obviously!
2.  Organize the kids toy storage areas and toy boxes
3.  Organize the Play Room
4.  Paint Kitchen and Hallway
5.  Stain bathroom door
6.  Scrapbook (haven't even finished our wedding album yet, at this rate Ryan will be graduating from college before I get to his)
7.  Do all my sewing projects.
8.  Go though the kids clothes and organize their closets again.
9.  Sell items on ebay that we no longer use or want.
10.  Clean out and organize the storage area in the basement and the laundry room
11.  Meal plan for the month
12.  Tag and Organize what we want to sell at the garage sale in the spring
13.  Organize my kitchen.
14.  Go though my stuff that is in storage at my moms and get rid of it
15.  Go horseback riding weekly!
16.  Keep up with this blog!

Im sure there is alot more but the above list is good enough for now!!!  Its actually kinda scary!!! 

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