Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting Ready for our Garden

Last year was our first attempt at a vegetable garden, and it for the most part was a success! Actually it overwhelmed us a bit! Didn't help that I was very pregnant last summer and hated being out in the heat!  Our garden last year was 8ft  by 8 ft, in the fall we decided to expand it to 24 ft by 8 ft! This may be a great thing or a complete disaster! We will see what happens, either way we are very excited! 

So today the kids and I started our seeds for our herb garden inside, so they would  be ready to plant when its time!   

We started out with a seed starting kit and 6 different types of herbs.

This is what the little dirt pellets looke like when you open the kit,  6 cups of water later and they look like....


Heres Addison planting the seeds.

All done!

Here she is with the kit we got her for Easter!  Has flowers and tomatoes in it.

Decorating it with stickers

And here is baby Ryan who was supervising!

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